Eat Everything Healthy In Winter

Things to eat in winter for a healthier body
Eat Everything Healthy In Winter
Eat Everything Healthy In Winter

1. Soak gram at night -

Yes, soak gram at night. And in the morning add tomato, onion, lemon, green chili, and black salt and eat it. Along with energy, you will stay away from the worry of obesity

2. Vegetables made healthily - 

Vegetable soup made at home by mixing two or three vegetables. To make it tasty, you can add lemon, onion, etc. to it. 

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3. Special for potato lovers - 

The special thing for potato lovers is that you boil potatoes and make them a vegetable and eat them. Boiled potatoes will keep you fit. 

4. Spicy too… healthy too – 

If you want to eat something spicy, then try it at home. Like, bring it home. Cut a little tomato, onion, green chili, add a little black salt to this lye. And a little lemon juice. This is your healthy snack Jhalmudi. Eat food and stay fit in winter.

5. Eat Sprouted Moong - 

Sprouted Moong is great for your health. To make it tasty, add onion, tomato to it. Eat without worry. The stomach will also be filled, stamina will also increase. Together you will be fit and fine.

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6. Use of Olive Oil- 

If you want that your weight does not increase in winter, then start using olive oil in food. In half a teaspoon of olive oil, you can easily cook food for three to four people.

7. Eat-Drink Lemon-

If you think that lemon is good only for summers, then let us tell you that it is also great for winters. It does not allow fat to build up in your body. Warm lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning is very effective for your fitness. You can eat it in a salad.

8. Drink black tea- 

If you are fond of tea, then you should drink black tea instead of milk tea. You can put some sugar in it. Keep in mind that sugar should be added only in small quantities. 

9. Eat carefully at night -  

Yes, it is very important to keep your eating habits right at night because one, the cold winter nights are freezing cold, as well as laziness in the hot quilt. You eat less at night. Eat fast 

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10. Eat one to 2 roti- 

If you want your weight to be balanced, then you should come to one roti, if your stomach is not full, then drink water an hour before the meal. 

11. Eat salad - 

Make a lot of salad. Make a nice spicy salad with carrot, tomato, onion, radish. A bowl of salad, a roti, a bowl of lentils. Your dinner is done. 

12. Drink hot water- 

Ten minutes after having a meal, drink hot water as hot as tea by sips. You must have read or heard this many times. But include it in your daily routine and you will feel the difference. 

So all you have to do is just that, for the rest of the fitness, you will have to do some effort like exercise, yoga and a little walk. But yes, if you include these things in food and drink, then believe me you will look absolutely fit in summer.

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