Learn From Nutritionist How Sweet Potato Is Beneficial For Children

What a child eats and what does not have a profound effect on his dietary habits, Know-How Sweet Potato Is Beneficial For Children
Learn From Nutritionist How Sweet Potato Is Beneficial For Children
Learn From Nutritionist How Sweet Potato Is Beneficial For Children

So it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they are getting the nutrients they need for their growth. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to feed the babies because usually, they do not want to eat. If you are also going through such a situation, then it is important that you choose the ingredients wisely and cook them in such a way that the kids find the food tasty. 

In such a situation, sweet potato is a great option for your child,know it's benefits:-

Who is Ryan Fernando?

A few days ago, Aamir Khan's nutritionist Ryan Fernando has also told about the many benefits of sweet potatoes in his social media post. Ryan Fernando is not only the nutritionist of Aamir Khan but also Abhishek Bachchan and takes care of his diet.

According to Ryan Fernando, the benefits of sweet potatoes and feed sweet potatoes to children like this

Ryan shared a post on Instagram and told that sweet potatoes contain fiber and anti-oxidants. They promote the growth of good gut bacteria and maintain a healthy gut. They are rich in antioxidants like beta-carotene and anthocyanin, which protect the eyes from loss and keep their health healthy.

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Ryan says that sweet potatoes can be eaten with or without the peel. It can be eaten by baking, broiling, roasting, frying, steaming, or cooking in a pan. They have a natural sweetness that can be paired with different seasonings. You can feed your baby not only salty but also sweet dishes according to his choice.

When to start feeding sweet potatoes to your sweetheart

You can start feeding sweet potatoes to your baby when he is six months old. This may be his first meal. Initially feeding him as a puree will make it easier for him to digest the sweet potato. When your baby is eight months old, you can mash it and feed it. If you want, you can also feed sweet potatoes by mixing them with rice or oats, this will increase the nutritional properties of sweet potatoes.

How sweet potato is beneficial for children

Sweet potato has so many nutritious properties that it is healthy food for kids. It has 77% water content and low-fat content. In this way, sweet potato is perfect for your baby. If you include sweet potato in your child's diet, then it can be beneficial for him in many ways –

Sweet potato prevents constipation

The amount of fiber in sweet potatoes is very high. Its 100 grams contains about 3 grams of fiber, which prevents constipation and keeps the digestive system healthy.

Beta-carotene and Vitamin A

Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A and enters our system. Vitamin A enhances eyesight and hence sweet potatoes must be included in your child's diet to improve or maintain your child's eyesight.

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Immunity booster

Sweet potatoes also contain a good amount of vitamin C and vitamin E, which strengthen immunity. These vitamins protect your child from the common cold and infections, which often make him their victim. It is also a great food for healthy and glowing skin.

Good calories

100 grams of sweet potato contains 86 calories and 0.1 grams of fight content. They are good in calories, due to which they are a healthy food option for kids. Especially when children are underweight. The high-calorie content in sweet potatoes helps in weight gain and physical development.

Preventing anemia and strengthening bones

Sweet potatoes contain both calcium and iron, which are essential for a child's development. Iron prevents anemia and calcium strengthens bones.

Sweet Potato Recipe

To feed sweet potatoes to babies, you can feed them in many ways. It can be used to make Paratha, Puree, Chokha, Soup, Vegetable, Kheer, etc. Here we are telling you some recipes –

Sweet Potato Paratha

Boil the sweet potato and mash it. Add salt, roasted cumin powder, and green coriander to it. Mix all this well. Now knead wheat flour and make the dough and fill the sweet potato mix. Close it and roll it. Now bake the paratha in the same way as you would roast it by applying ghee to the pan.

Sweet Potato and Carrot Puree

Finely grate the carrot and cut the sweet potato into small pieces. Cook them in water until they become soft. Let it cool down and then blend in a mixer or blender to make a puree. To enhance its taste, add a little salt and pepper.

Sweet potato smoothie

This recipe is perfect for kids who have been introduced to solid food right away. Bake or steam sweet potatoes. Now mash it. Add half a cup of water or boiled vegetables to it and mix it well. Add salt to it to enhance the taste.

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Sweet potato pudding

Boil chopped sweet potatoes and rice with little water. When it is half cooked, add milk to it and stir. Let it sit on low flame for 10 to 15 minutes. Once it is cooked, take it off the gas. allow cooling. Put sugar in it. Sweet potato kheer is ready.

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