Make Your Cooking Easier With These 10 Tips

Does the raita turn sour? Has it been difficult to melt the chocolate? Any things get splattered while frying in ghee? So try these kitchen tips
Make Your Cooking Easier With These 10 Tips
Make Your Cooking Easier With These 10 Tips

1-In summer, before serving raita, add salt to it, raita will not turn sour.

2. Instead of using green coriander while making gram dal, prepare the mixture by adding sweet neem, black pepper, green chili, cumin, turmeric, and a little bit of garam masala. It will be very tasty.

3- After boiling the lentils, you can use tomatoes in the tempering.

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4. In tur dal, in place of tomatoes in the summer season, any kari (raw mango) or tamarind pulp can be used. This will double the aroma and taste of the lentils.

5- Whenever the chocolate is to be melted, keep it in a foil and keep it in hot water. Then use in ice cream or cakes. Be careful not to melt the chocolate directly in the pan.

6- To make the pooris more crisp and tasty, while kneading the dough, boil one or two arbi and mix it. Keep in mind, mash the arbi so much that it becomes like dough.

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7- To make the mathri crispy, instead of maida water, knead with curd or add a little hot ghee. Keep in mind, curd should be sweet.

8. At the time of boiling things like gram, peas, or kidney beans, add a few drops of mustard oil to the water.

9. If something is falling apart while frying in ghee, then grind one or two pieces of bread and mix it. This will solve the problem by itself.

10- To increase the color of gulab jamuns, add a little cheese to the mawa and then make gulab jamuns, then it will increase their taste and will also look attractive.

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50 Cooking Ideas That Will Make Cooking Easier

50 Cooking Ideas That Will Make Cooking Easier  Instantly, if you want to make some tasty, try some new dishes from the remaining dishes...

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