Make Your Pressure Cooker Safe To Use With These Tips

There is no kitchen without a pressure cookerMake sure your pressure cooker is safe to use with these tips
Make Your Pressure Cooker Safe To Use With These Tips
Make Your Pressure Cooker Safe To Use With These Tips

A pressure cooker is a must for every kitchen, as it not only saves time but also retains the nutrients and taste of the ingredients prepared in it. But do you know that a pressure cooker is such a kitchen appliance, which can be dangerous if not used properly?

Yes, you read it right! [The high-pressure cooker cooks things with steam and pressure, so if any part of the pressure cooker is damaged then it can be risky for you. However, the branded pressure cookers available these days are certified and come to us only after passing the safety test. 

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Despite this, there are some things that you should keep in mind while using the pressure cooker.

1. Never overfill the pressure cooker

If you understand the mechanism of a pressure cooker, never fill it completely. In a pressure cooker, food is cooked with pressure and water, so how will the food be cooked when there is no space in it. Therefore, always fill the pressure cooker only two-thirds of the way.

 And the things which swell after cooking, fill them only halfway.

2. Enough water needed

If there is less water in the pressure cooker, then the food kept in it will not be cooked properly. There is every possibility of your food burning. And if you add more water then the texture of the dish will get spoiled. So it is important to be careful while adding water.

3. Pressure from the pressure cooker

Removing the pressure from the pressure cooker is also a simple task. The easiest way is to remove the pressure cooker from the flame and let the pressure release slowly. Another method is to put the cooker under cold water and let the pressure release. 

If you want, with the help of a spoon or a large spatula, you can also remove the pressure by lifting the whistle. Make sure that your hands are away from steam, otherwise there is a risk of burns.

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4. Clean pressure cooker properly

Once the cooker comes to normal temperature, make sure you soak each part in water and clean them separately. You can use a brush or toothpick to clean the valve and gasket. Also, make sure that the pressure cooker is kept upside down after washing so that excess water gets removed from it.

5. Check pressure cooker before every use

Check the lid for cracks every time you use the pressure cooker and make sure the vents are open and clean. Also, check that the lid locks properly and that no part of the plastic cover on the handle is broken or loose. Because by touching the metal part, there will be a possibility of burning your hand.

6. Do not buy a local pressure cooker

Branded pressure cookers undergo safety tests and are then marked safe for home use. Local pressure cooker lids and gaskets can be dangerous for you.

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