Check For Adulteration In Tea Leaves, FSSI Advised

Food Adulteration: If you do not get a cup of tea in the morning, then the whole day starts feeling boring. 

Even when you are tired from working out, a cup of tea refreshes you instantly. Here it is meant to say that if you have a bad mood, a headache, you are not feeling well, then you get the solution of all these problems in a cup of tea. You are fond of drinking tea but have you ever tried to know whether the tea you are consuming is pure or not! 

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Is there any adulteration in it? If you haven't tried to think of tea this way until today, beware! Be careful because adulterated and fake tea is being found in full swing in the market. It is obvious that this adulterated tea is dangerous for our health.

To help you out, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) has shared a video on social media. Through this video, FSSAI has revealed how to identify adulteration in tea leaves.

How to check adulteration in tea leaves

The adulteration of tea leaves can be checked in this way – 

You will need to take a filter paper to find out whether the tea leaves are pure or adulterated.

After pouring some tea leaves on the filter paper, pour water on this paper to moisten it. 

After a few minutes remove the tea leaves from the filter paper and wash the paper with plain water. 

Now you have to check carefully whether there are any traces of tea leaves on the filter paper. 

If the tea leaves are adulterated, the paper will turn brown. 

If there is no adulteration in the tea leaves, then the paper will remain in its original color.

Adulterated tea is not good for health

Adulterated tea is not good for health at all. You do not know what has been adulterated with that tea leaf. 

Sometimes brown color is added to the tea leaf to give it a beautiful and original color, and sometimes things that bring brown color are also added. In such a situation, the use of this colored tea can spoil your liver. 

Benefits of tea 

There has always been a lot of research going on about tea. But experts believe that if you consume tea in limited quantities, it can be good for your health. 

Studies show that tea contains flavonoids and antioxidants, which are able to reduce the risk of heart disease. Not only this, the consumption of tea also lowers cholesterol and improves the functioning of blood vessels. 

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