Do You Know 10 Benefits Of Lemon?

Following are the 10 benefits of lemon
Do You Know 10 Benefits Of Lemon?
Do You Know 10 Benefits Of Lemon?

1. For stomach ache - 

Taking salt, carom seeds, cumin seeds, sugar, after grinding two grams each, squeezes a little lemon, it provides relief in pain. Eat with hot water.

2. Constipation - 

juice of two lemons, after defecation in the morning, 250 ml again in the evening. Took. Constipation is cured by drinking it with water.

3. Indigestion- 

Licking ground nutmeg in lemon juice is beneficial in indigestion or eating it after eating a lemon, ginger, and rock salt before meals end indigestion. And hunger fizzles out.

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4. Toothache-  

Rubbing lemon (squeezing) after grinding a few cloves ends with pain. Rubbing food with soda also cures pain.

5. Dysentery- 

Squeeze lemon in half a loaf of fresh water and drink it thrice a day, it is beneficial for dysentery.

6. Dizziness – 

If you feel dizzy due to gas in the stomach, if you feel round, squeeze lemon in a cup of warm water and drink it for eight days. A headache will get better soon.

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7. Heartburn – 

Taking 250 grams of lemon squeezed in cold water provides relief in heartburn and heart palpitations.

8. Bloody piles- 

Cut 1 lemon and grind 4 grams catechu and sprinkle it on the lemon and keep it on the terrace at night, suck both the pieces in the morning. It is a great medicine to stop bleeding. Use 5 days.

9. Obesity - 

from  1 drink juice fasting mouth lemon 250 grams of water. Drinking for two months in summer becomes light.

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10. Recipe Stomach diseases - 

For stomach upset, pain, constipation, loss of appetite, etc., make two pieces of lemon, 50-50 grams of Triphala, carom seeds, black salt, 1-1 tola of black pepper, half a kg of guar and ghee. After filtering ghee, make small pieces of guar 

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