Why is your health in danger for swallowing food by not chewing?

Why is your health in danger for swallowing food by not chewing?

Every morning they go to the office and eat compromised. Somehow, nose and mouth-filling have become a habit. The train was missing, an excuse to reprimand the employer for being late to the office. Not only office travelers but also school children were able to get out with it somehow. This habit saves time but is harmful to the body.

Most people swallow food without chewing. Due to this reason, the eaten food does not get proper digestion. It is fair to say that when food is swallowed, it becomes so complicated that the body cannot digest it. When food is chewed again, it combines with saliva to form a normal appearance.

As a result, the digestion process moves smoothly. Metabolic syndrome is one of the most worrying diseases of the body. Metabolic syndrome is a physical condition such as high blood pressure, esophagitis, high triglycerides, and a lack of HDL (good cholesterol). Overall, the chances of having a heart attack increase significantly.

According to the 2016 American Heart Association Science Conference, if food is not chewed quickly, there is an increased risk of chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome and esophagitis.

The study found that 11.7 percent of fast eaters have a tendency to metabolic syndrome. And 8.5 percent for chewing in general. Doctors say that saliva contains an enzyme called salivary amylase. It helps digest starch and carbohydrates in a diet called maltodextrin.

If you do not have time to combine sputum in the diet, there will be problems. Playing in a hurry without chewing food, unwanted air enters the body. As a result, gas-heartburn-like symptoms appear. Another cause of bloating and heartburn is that food enters the body in a complex way without chewing.

Hormones in the gut send a message to the brain through the vagus nerves that the stomach is full, but that message takes 15-20 minutes to arrive. This message does not come to mind quickly. As a result, in less time taking much food. In addition, food gets trapped in the airway and poses sudden suffocation and a serious threat. So eat slowly no matter how much you chase.