If you are also going to do grocery shopping, then do not ignore the tips given here.

If you are also going to do grocery shopping,

then do not ignore the tips given here.

If you are also going to do grocery shopping, then do not ignore the tips given here.
If you are also going to do grocery shopping, then do not ignore the tips given here.


Shopping in the grocery store is easy but a challenging task. If grocery shopping is done with the right planning, you can save a significant amount of money along with buying good-quality goods. Anyway, while shopping, the health of the whole family has to be taken care of, but your budget has to be kept in mind. 

1. Make a final list of household items before you go shopping. Keep this list 3-4 days in advance. Some items may be left out in the list made in a hurry.

2. After making the list of goods, tag it on the fridge door or drawer. If there is any item left to write, you can make a quick note when you remember.

3. While making the list, do not forget to check your storeroom, fridge, and freezer.

4. Before making a list of grocery shopping, plan a full-week menu, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products, etc.

5. Along with making the list, plan your budget as well. Buying unnecessary things is just a waste of money.

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6.To buy small things, instead of going to the market, again and again, go to the market once a week and buy all the goods.

7. Before making a purchase, go to two three grocery stores and check the prices. Wherever the price is reasonable and good quality goods are available, buy from there.

8. Before going shopping, please check the advertisements given in the newspaper and local shopping guides (Pam Flats or Brochures). Often there are many offers of heavy sale or discount on grocery food on festive occasions.

9. During the competition, many stores, showrooms, and malls, etc. take out 'special offers' or 'schemes' to increase their sales and attract more and more customers. Keep these 'special offers' and 'schemes' in mind.

10. Buy groceries in bulk by availing of offers like 'Buy One Get One', 'Buy to Get One' or '50% discount offer' etc.

11.You can save by taking advantage of these offers. But while buying goods in bulk, do not compromise on the quality of the goods.

12.Before buying the goods in the sale, compare the actual price of the goods and the sale price to check how much profit you are getting.

13.Some big shopkeepers or small general stores also give coupon offers to entice their customers. Take full advantage of these coupon offers while doing grocery shopping. You can save up to 10-12% by availing of these coupons.

14.Avoid buying junk food. Whether there is a 'Sale' in them or there is an offer like 'Boy to Get One'. Because the nutritional value of junk food is zero and it also damages the health of food. Finally don't waste money buying junk food.


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15.Canned, frozen and P-packaged food contains high amounts of fat, sodium, and sugar, which harm health. So avoid buying these foods.

16. Read the label of the goods while shopping grocery. Be sure to check the label for trans fat, saturated fat, hydrogenated oils, maximum sugar, sodium, and cholesterol content.

17. Instead of buying mixed goods with the above elements, buy food items that contain fiber, proteins, vitamins, and good quality fats.

18. Instead of wasting money on cold drinks, soda, and other flavored drinks, take fruit juice, buttermilk, lassi, and coconut water.

19. Desserts like cakes, cookies, etc. are high in calories. So instead of buying them, buy seasonal fruits. Fruits are fat-fee. They are high in fiber and nutrients, as well as buy nonfat frozen yogurt. It is a fat-free and low-calorie dessert.

20. Instead of buying sugar serials, buy cereals with whole grains, which have less sugar content. Fruits can also be added to make these serials more tasty and healthy.


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26 Golden Rule For Grocery Shopping

21. Make sure to keep quick and easy-to-cook foods like spaghetti or cheese etc. in your grocery stock. These foods are good for changing the taste sometimes.

22. While buying any product, definitely check its packing, manufacturing and expiry date, etc. Many times there is also such stuff in the cell, which is going to expire in the next 10-15 days.

23. Do not buy packaged food that contains artificial ingredients and preservatives. Foods mixed with artificial and preservatives cause harm to health.

24. If you do not have time to go to the market daily, you can also buy frozen vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, etc. Frozen vegetables and meats can be stored in the freezer for 10-15 days.

25. Buy essential items like baked foods, batteries, lights, toilet tissue in bulk in the cell. But before purchasing these items, make sure to check your storeroom.

26. Nowadays the craze of online shopping has increased a lot. That's why most people have started ordering every smallest and biggest item online. Even grocery items. Remember, on shopping online, the actual cost of the goods plus shipping charges has to be paid separately. So instead of shopping online grocery, go to the supermarket or wholesale market near your home and shop. There you can buy goods at reasonable prices by negotiating on good quality goods.

27. Instead of buying plastic carry bags from malls and showrooms, use clothing bags. It has 2 benefits, first of all, clothing bags


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