-If you are making samosas or aloo vada at home, then if you are making freshly ground samosas or aloo vada in potato stuffing, add freshly ground garam masala to the potato stuffing. The samosas/gloves will be delicious.

-Mix an equal quantity of soybean and millet flour in paneer. Add finely chopped onions, green chilies, and salt and knead a stiff dough. Make a Tikki with this mixture and bake it on a griddle.

-Use thread instead of a knife to cut boiled eggs. Eggs will cut well.

 -To make crispy french fries, keep the potatoes in cold water for at least half an hour before cutting.

-To enhance the taste of Upma, add curd instead of water while cooking it.

-To make garlic bread at home, grind the garlic finely and add butter and mix it well. Spread this mixture on the bread and toast it. Garlic bread is ready. If desired, red or black pepper powder and green coriander can also be added to them.


 50 Cooking Ideas That Will Make Cooking Easier 

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-While making a milkshake, add a teaspoon of jam or jelly to the milk. Milkshake will become tasty.

-Cut the boiled egg into four parts. Cut boiled potatoes also into a square shape. Mix both and sprinkle black pepper powder, chaat masala, and salt on it. Egg Potato Salad is ready.

-Instead of potatoes in panipuri, you can prepare nutritious Pani puri by filling sprouts (sprouted grains, such as whole moong, moth, etc.).

-Soak tur dal in boiled water for fifteen minutes. Now add one teaspoon of sesame oil and mix the rice and cook it. Khichdi will be tasty.

-To make the healthy baked samosa, use wheat flour instead of maida. Knead the wheat flour by adding mean (a little ghee or oil), salt, and water as required. Add chaat masala, salt, garam masala, finely chopped green chilies, and green coriander to the boiled potatoes and peas. Now make dough balls and roll them like poori. Cut each poori into two parts. Fill the potato masala in both parts and give it the shape of a samosa. Apply oil on the samosas with the help of a brush. Now bake them in the microwave on conversion mode.


-Before cooking green leafy vegetables, add a little salt in the oil, this does not make the vegetables black after cooking.

-Instead of butter, use mustard sauce, green chutney, or tomato sauce.

-While making rice, add 1 tsp lemon juice and mix it well. Rice grains will not stick to this.

-Similarly, instead of lemon juice in rice, 1 tsp of desi ghee can also be added.

-When making puris or pakodas, adding a pinch of salt to the hot oil makes the puris and pakodas absorb less oil.


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-Fry the onions lightly in oil before grinding them in a mixer. Grind when cold. This makes the food tasty.

-Instead of baking the parathas in ghee/oil, baking them with butter makes the parathas even more delicious.

-Before making the kheer, grind the rice a little coarsely in a mixer. Kheer made from coarsely ground rice is very tasty.

-To make the raita even tastier, instead of adding roasted cumin-asafoetida powder, sprinkle it.

-While making pakoras, the pakoras become crispy by adding a pinch of arrowroot and 1 tsp of hot oil to the gram flour solution.


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50 Cooking Ideas That Will Make Cooking Easier

50 Cooking Ideas That Will Make Cooking Easier  Instantly, if you want to make some tasty, try some new dishes from the remaining dishes...

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